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The public should know all we can about the business of the decision makers that affect our lives, our wallets and our democracy. This is a record of my efforts to try and improve the levels of transparency and accountability within Sheffield City Council and others. To shine a light on how decisions are made and where the money goes. If I can also help others to find their own voice and influence along the way, then that is a bonus.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Article in Now Then magazine, September 2015, by Nigel Slack.

Just a quick post to record that I have an article in this months Now Then magazine (Issue no.90 September 2015). The article's entitled 'Devolution: Lost Cause?'and is a continuation of previous investigations into what is being described under the banner of 'Devolution' for George Osbourne's "Northen Powerhouses"


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