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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Nov 2012 - NOW THEN Magazine #56 , "Outsourcing. Public Services, Private Profits" by Nigel Slack

"Outsourcing. Public Services, Private Profits" by Nigel Slack
In Sheffield's Now Then Magazine issue no.56 - November 2012

Nigel - "My first article for Now Then magazine about ‘Public Services, Private Profits’, beginning my efforts to bring the information I was gathering to a wider audience to develop a more open debate on the subject. It looks at who provides our public services (bins, road repairs, care homes etc) how much we spend on these private companies and tries to address how much profit they make out of the public purse."

Contact Nigel Slack - nrslack@aol.com
Contact for Now Then magazine - sam@nowthenmagazine.com

To see the article follow this link or click on the magazine cover below